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Masteka 2

Carry out series of jobs including driveline and rudder stocks

> Remove hull and shaft anodes and supply new
> Remove 7 x seized hull penetration valves
> Supply 4 x new bronze skin fittings
> Supply 1 x new bronze 2" ball valve
> Service 6 x valves
> Dismantle 2 x rudders and remove
> Remove prop speed from both shafts
> Manufacture 2 x s/s strainers for sea water chest
> Replace 4 x anodes on sea chest strainers
> Supply 4 x new propeller shaft seals
> NDT propeller shaft and rudder stock
> Fit anodes to aft and rudders
> Install swim ladder
> Manufacture starboard side fire pump intake bracket
> Reinstall drivelines with new seals and check engine alignment
> Dismantle stabiliser arms and replace hydraulic rams
> Lift crane onboard vessel

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