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What We

Project Management

  • Manage maintenance repairs and schedules

  • Slipping arrangements

  • Manage all aspects of project from start to finish

  • Engage and manage other contractors for works required

Shaft & Engine Alignments

  • Assess and diagnose for engine alignment 

  • Remove gearbox for assessment


  • Handrails and other vessel modifications

  • Hull repairs and modifications

  • Manufacture stabiliser arms 

  • Anchor winch overhauls and modifications

  • Commercial vessel conversions 

Propeller Shafts & Couplings

  • Manufacture of all drive line parts

  • Dismantle and install 

  • Repair and manufacture to survey standards 

  • Manufacture new shaft and rudder stock bearings 

Full Term & Mid-Term Surveys

  • Remove and dismantle driveline

  • Check bearing clearances

  • Service inboard seal units

  • Bearing replacement 

  • Inspect and service valves 

  • Rebuild and service lifting equipment

  • Structural repairs to survey standards (aluminium & steel)

  • Pipe replacements

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